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APRIL 4, 2017

 Chancellor's Complex, Conference room 111A

SPEAKER: Joanne Tolbert-Wells, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness, UCSD Human Resources

8:45am Coffee Service
9:00am Welcome and Opening Comments
9:10-10:00am Joanne Tolbert-Wells
10:00am Meeting Adjourns

The focus of this meeting is to provide an update on progress of the Staff Performance Appraisal Project.  Definitions of the new rating metrics and performance standards (aka core values) along with performance cycle options, merit approval process, and overview of electronic tool format will be shared.

The desired impact will be to generate thoughtful analysis, discussion and feedback along with possible action items that if implemented, will positively impact the new performance appraisal process and tool planned for 2018 implementation.

The new performance appraisal process and tool for policy-covered staff will incorporate into its design and function the needs of many who are charged with performance appraisal.  As UC San Diego MSO’s are a critical part of the management structure, one of the project goals is to ensure that the new performance appraisal standards, metrics, and tool will meet ABA members needs and better position you and others for more meaningful performance conversations and overall greater success.


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