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Upcoming Agenda

Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Time: 9:00am
Location: Conference Room 111A, Chancellor's Complex

This month we are pleased to welcome Angela McMahill and Kimberly Coburn from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research who will discuss the creation and expected benefits of an electronic conflict of interest reporting system. The system is expected to go live for all of Campus and Health Sciences in January 2017.



9 am – Welcome and opening remarks
9:10am – Presentation: The new electronic conflict of interest system (eCOI)

What to Expect:

This presentation will provide a high level overview of the system features, benefits, and timing for release to the general campus and Health Sciences.

The Office of Research Affairs has signed a contract with Click Commerce for a platform to create an electronic conflict of interest disclosure process (Click Commerce is the same platform being used at UC San Diego for the eMTA and eDisclosure processes).  The eCOI system will integrate with other UC San Diego systems to automate and facilitate the completion of conflict of interest disclosure forms for its employees and affiliates.    

Some of the key features of the eCOI system include:  

  • Provide a seamless and user friendly web-based eCOI system 
  • Integration of the eCOI system with Coeus to pre-populate the project information as well as trigger and track disclosure requests
  • Retain previous disclosure data so that the discloser can update or certify the information as applicable
  • Provide the ability for the discloser to designate a proxy to assist with their disclosure questionnaire completion
  • Provide a dashboard for the discloser, designated proxies, and applicable institutional offices to see disclosure statuses for each project
  • Decrease institutional risk through quicker processing of disclosure information and identification of conflict of interest issues 


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