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Academic Business Administrators

Upcoming Agenda

Tuesday, March 3
9:00am to 10:00am
UCtr 111A


Topic: Cloud-Based Collaborative Tools

Speakers: David Hutches (JSOE) and Brett Pollak (ACT)

The general focus of the discussion will be on the overall benefits of using cloud-based collaborative tools for daily business activity.  This will include a high level discussion of how these tools can benefit staff, faculty and students as well as specific examples of streamlining workflow and every day operations.  

By the end of the presentation, the MSOs will have a better understanding of what tools are currently available and what impact this can have on their departments.  Some specifics include:

  • Recognizing opportunities for using collaborative tools to save time and workload
  • Understanding the benefits of utilizing an integrated suite of tools
  • Avoiding the need for attachments and versioning documents
  • Understanding the risk associated with users currently using 3rd party technical solutions that don’t have proper safeguards in place (e.g. Drop box, personal gmail)
  • Allowing users to be nimble in implementing technology. This can provide business experts with greater control over their activities and shift the role of IT staff from gatekeepers to facilitators
  • Integrating tools that many people (and almost all students) already use in their personal life
  • Identifying interoperability issues and potential solutions

In addition to the MSOs gaining an understanding of the overarching topic, Brett & David will discuss what is currently happening on campus right now and what steps MSOs can take to start using these tools in their department.


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