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Betsy Faught Award

Honoring Excellence in Academic Program Management

The Betsy Faught Award was created in 1994, to recognize the outstanding work being done by managers of our General Campus academic units and to inspire high standards of excellence for all campus managers. The award honors the memory of Betsy Faught, who served as MSO in the department of Political Science with skill and efficiency for many years. This award recognizes the professionalism and dedication of our academic program managers and emphasizes their critical role on campus. The traits attributed to the awardees include the ability to bring people together; skill at analyzing and solving problems; sustained initiative and creativity; influential leadership and management skills; and recognized judgment and integrity.

Alma Palazzolo, 2013 Recipient

almaAlma's service to the campus began over 12 years ago at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She moved to the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) in 2002 and subsquently served as an Assistant Director in OPAFS and then as MSO for the Department of Political Science until returning to SDSC as its Business Officer in 2011. Outside of her regular work duties, Alma has been a willing volunteer in service to UC San Diego participating on numerous committees and workgroups. Alma is known for her strong work ethic, personal compassion, dauntless optimism, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Her colleagues describe her as the embodiment of leadership, professionalism, and service.

Steve Ford, 2011 Recipient

steveSteve started his career at UC San Diego over 19 years ago in the department of Music where he spent six years as a financial assistant. He then moved to the San Diego Supercomputer (SDSC), working as a fiscal analyst for both SDSC as well as the Center for Research in Biological Structures. Steve joined the department of Cognitive Science in 2002 as its fiscal officer, and was promoted just one year later to the position of business officer for Cog Sci. Steve added management of the department of Communication to his portfolio in July 2010, supporting an administrative consolidation necessitated by the current budget crisis. The fact that Steve is the first business officer to be asked to take on permanent management responsibility for two distinct academic departments is a testament to his Chairs’ and Dean’s faith in his abilities.

Shelley Marquez, 2009 Recipient

Shelley Marquez

After starting at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography over 25 years ago, Shelley moved to the general campus in 1995 as business officer for the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies (CILAS) and the Latin American Studies master's program. In 1998, Shelley was promoted to the position of business officer in CRL. Four years later, she added management of INC to her portfolio, and then KIBM two years later. Shelley was the first business officer on campus to have management responsibility for three distinct ORUs, a testament to her abilities and success. Shelley's tremendous impact on the research units she has managed and her long-standing and dedicated service to the University make her an ideal recipient for this year's Betsy Faught Award.

Marjorie Hardy, 2008 Recipient

Marjorie HardyMarjorie's service to the campus began over 30 years ago in the UCSD Alumni Association. In 2006 she became Chief Operating Officer of the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Through her guidance she quickly established an environment of fiscal responsibility, strong work ethic, and mutual respect amongst staff. She has demonstrated extreme competency, good common sense, and strength of character. Hardy has an outstanding record of service to the University. She has a long history of service on ABA committees, and has also served on a number of campus committees, including the Human Resources Advisory Team, and the 2005 search committee for the Dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities.

Jan Cox, 2007 Recipient 

Jan CoxJan began her tenure at UCSD over 30 years ago in the Department of Medicine. In 1990 Academic Affairs recruited Jan into the business officer position in the department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) where she remained for over 10 years, during a period of extraordinary growth for that department. Jan has served as the business officer for ECE, the largest department in the Jacobs School of Engineering, since 2001. She has earned high praise for her abilities in anticipating the needs of the department, improving staff-faculty relations, and effectively managing the department’s budget and staff. And Jan's contributions to UCSD extend far beyond her department as evidenced by her active participation on numerous committees and her service as a mentor to staff who aspire to become future business officers.

Mary Hart, 2006 Recipient

Mary HartAfter serving as the founding MSO of the Department of Bioengineering, Mary Hart became Business Officer of the San Diego Supercomputer Center in 2001. Since that time Mary has led SDSC's participation in the design and planning of a new building, helped guide a reorganization of SDSC's divisional structure, and established a strong and beneficial relationship with the National Science Foundation. In addition to her many contributions to the departments in which she has been employed, Mary has been an exemplary University citizen, generously sharing her experience and knowledge with UC's future leaders. Mary's experience, strategic thinking and commitment to the campus make her an ideal recipient for this year's Betsy Faught Award.

Barbara Stewart, 2005 Recipient 

Barbara StewartMs. Stewart's service to the Sociology Department and the General Campus has earned the highest praise from faculty and staff within Sociology as well as her colleagues throughout Academic Affairs. Barbara has demonstrated the best traits of a department business officer and has provided outstanding service to UCSD and the University over the course of her career. Barbara exemplifies the highest qualities of academic administration and leadership that Betsy Faught emulated and stands out as this year's award recipient.

Nancy Hartley, 2003 Recipient 

Nancy HartleyNancy has served the Mathematics Department and the General Campus since 1978 and has earned the highest praise from faculty and staff. Nancy demonstrates the best traits of a department business officer and has provided outstanding service to UCSD and the University over the course of her career. Nancy exemplifies the highest quality of academic administration and leadership that Betsy Faught emulated and is a deserving recipient of the 2002-03 award.

Lori Guardiano-Durkin, 2001 Recipient 

Lori Guardiano-DurkinLori's cumulative management career at UCSD as a Business Officer in the Teacher Education Program (TEP), and more recently, the Center for Research in Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) has been truly outstanding. She is a highly respected manager who has established an impeccable reputation and an impressive record of accomplishments.

Alejandra M. Ruiz, 1999 Recipient

Alejandra M. RuizDuring her 28 years at UCSD, Alex has built an impeccable reputation as a manager and as a supervisor. Both faculty and staff of the Department of History laud her as the quintessential MSO. Alex's record demonstrates continuous excellent performance, outstanding personal interactions, and many, many contributions above and beyond the normal expectations of Academic Program Managers.

Deborah Bailey, 1998 Recipient 

Karen Andrews, 1997 Recipient 

Patti Harp, 1996 Recipient

Jennifer Collins, 1995 Recipient